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   Cheetah & Rhiann Platt offer private lessons all over the world & even online!

   They have created a thriving Skype based private lesson course that allows you to learn from these two epic acrobats anywhere there is an internet connection! 

   Whether you are a flyer a base, solo, part of a duo, or a small group - your acrobatic journey can always use a little dose of EpicAcro!

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Portland, Oregon - Divine Play - Oct 9th - 11th -
Sayulita, Mexico - Yoga, Surf, SUP, Acro Retreat - Oct 28 - Nov 2nd -

Austin, Texas - P.L.A.Y. Acro Festival - March 5th - 6th -

San Diego, California - AcroLove Festival - Jan 1st - 3rd -


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Experience the Romance, Adventure and Love story of Cheetah & Rhiann Platt!

52 wedding ceremonies (and counting) held around the globe-

the Platts have created a global phenomenon that is

  The WorldWide Wedding!

#14 - Egypt

   Standing in front of the great pyramids of Giza filled our ceremony with such power and awe. These monuments from such an ancient civilization are far beyond compare. There is nothing like witnessing first hand their majesty and timeless grandeur.

   You can simply stare in silence and attempt to take in the power they exude. Our Egyptian wedding was one of the most meaningful and connected ceremonies yet.



Wedding #16 - Kenya

   We met the chief of this Maasai tribe in Kenya and he allowed us to hold a wedding ceremony with his warriors in the middle of their village! It was Unreal! The pulsing rhythms, the song, the dance, the chanting, the jumping, the truly rich and vibrant African culture surrounding us infused our ceremony with such a meaningful energy. We loved sharing our traditions with them and learning about theirs. Jumping with the Maasai warriors was a dream come true and we are so humbled by this beautiful experience.


#22 - Thailand

   Our elephant wedding in Thailand was one of the most hilarious moments of our whole trip. The incredibly friendly elephants would amble around us, playing with our camera, blocking the view, and moving out of frame.

   It became obvious that this was their special day, not ours and we were just along for the Elephant ride! We laughed and enjoyed this wedding for its natural imperfection and beauty!


#34 - Fiji

   We were able to have our perfect beach wedding on the tiny Waya Island in Fiji. The sun, the sand, the waves, and the island breeze all came together in a beautiful ceremony that we will remember forever.

   A tropical island, destination beach wedding in the Fijian sun. What more could we ask for? This day was perfect.


#27 - Australia

   When we arrived in Brisbane, Australia it was pouring rain and had no signs of letting up the entire week. So, we decided to embrce the downpour and hold our first rain wedding! What a ridiculous and perfectly romantic choice that ended up being!

   The wedding was gorgeous and we were completely soaked. Exactly what we wanted, and we couldn't have been happier!



#10 - Morocco

   We trekked through the Atlas mountains to the Cascade d' Ouzoud. This giant three tier, 330ft tall waterfall was absolutely tremendous! What an incredible experience getting married in front of nature's raw power and beauty.

   The crashing roar of the falls acted as our wedding band and the wild music fit perfectly as we held this spectacular ceremony.




#38 - USA

   We journeyed into ancient underground lava tubes in the middle of the Mojave Desert for one of our most magical ceremonies yet! The lighting and surroundings created a truly otherworldly ceremony. It was so surreal.

   These tubes were created by volcano lava spilling out across the desert and we stood inside the chambers created from molten rock eons ago.


   When we came up with the concept for our world wide wedding, we had no idea it would catch on, go viral, and influence so many people. We thought it was just our way of experiencing a unique and adventurous wedding by ourselves. We could not be happier that you all have found us and are experiencing The Worldwide Wedding along with us! We are overjoyed at all the publicity, and interest in our adventures.

   As we prepare for our next journey, we can barely contain our excitement over the upcoming surprises we have in store! Just know that The WorldWide Wedding will be coming to a "venue" near you soon!

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